The Head of School

Mr. Billy Oladimeji
The Head of School
The Vale Tutorial College


On behalf of the Governing Board, Management, Staff and Students of The Vale Tutorial College, I welcome you to our world.

This is a world of inspiration, lifelong learning and excitement. Our primary purpose is to offer you one-on-one tutorship that will make you achieve enviable academic excellence. It is a world of achievers and trail-blazers.

Secondly, we are here to make you be the best version of yourself. Apart from making sure you diligently pursue your studies, we imbibe you with the soft skills that will empower you to be a star among your peers. Leadership training, mentoring, character development, skills acquisition and learning tips are just few of the numerous ways by which we prepare you for the world.

You must have heard stories about the exploits of our alumni and students in their various vocations. You can also write an enviable story of yourself by joining our team of achievers.

Our institution is a fertile ground for the manifestation of your potentials. Our tutors are waiting to give you the best education possible.

What are you waiting for?

Join us today.
Billy Tunde Oladimeji
Head of School